Killing Monsters [LP 2011]

by H.EXE

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"Killing Monsters" is the first full-length release. The band's recipe for dark dancefloor music is simple: crushing beat, catchy melodies and vocals spanning across all stages of madness.

The tempo of the songs is varied, however you are not going to find one that would let you catch the breath on the dancefloor.


released May 28, 2011

H.EXE, Halotan Records



all rights reserved


H.EXE Poland

H.EXE is a harsh electro / aggrotech band from Poland.

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Track Name: Introduction
Track Name: Dreadful Visions
No! Dreadful visions

Nothing lasts, world wouldn't stop
There's no time for me to waste
Sick yearning fills my hungry eyes
That is all I ever had

Living in denial, screaming for help
Fighting with myself, you'll never understand
Endless torture runs down trough my brain
When I am hurt I want to hurt again

Cry! I want to hear, I want to see you cry
And every dreadful thought is my delight
Last fuckin' hour and I'll be fine
Dreadful visions

Hate. I can not feel, I can not see your hate
Still counting but can not wait
Five, six, seven, eight... Dreadful visions
Five, six, seven, eight... Dreadful visions

Pain is near, my eyes are blured
Now it's time for me to see, to take my chance
But something's screaming in my mind
No! I must count. No! I must wait.

So this is my heaven, my hell
Alone in the dark with myself
Counting, waiting, sitting, thinking
Acheing, yearning, dreaming, screaming!
Track Name: Hollow
There are days when your mind
Is full of strange thoughts
Infected by mind disease
Your sick imagination

You are starting to feel
That you're falling down
Into the damp hollow
Deep enough

Your thoughts
Lead you astray
Now you're falling
Down and far away

Quelled mind
Senses have been swallowed
And you start to... start to...
to crawl

Into the hollow
Track Name: Never Enough
I want more, this is not enough.
I want more, it's never, not enough.
I want more, it is not enough.
I want more, never, not enough.

I want more for this not enough for me
There must be so much more to see
Don't tell me what the pleasure means
There must be more than just a sin.

So tell me how I can set it free
This yearning so deep inside of me
A sin’s caused another for many years
It's now too late, just let them be.

This hunger feeds on weakness of my mind
I search it for wherever I can find
Hidden thoughts, this sickness of mankind
And my desires are most sinful kind.
Track Name: Crown thy Oppressor
You're lost and weak, into this shit
This world, it's dirt, complexity
So scared you need sanctuary
Escape from this reality

Now search for place to escape
Reach out for help, reach out your hand
To find your God
To find your love
To find your God

They shall prevail, manipulate
Your so called faith, but they will help
To find your God
To find your love
To find your God

Join fast
With them your fears simply will vanish
All what you see is black or white
Is right or wrong, is good or bad
Gods's work, devil's job
So judge for promised eternal life
For God
Track Name: Killing Monsters
Hey, hey!

We will destroy you
And eat your flesh
Your rotting corpses
Dumped in trash

And we will vomit
Out of our souls
And what we'll vomit
We'll throw for dogs

No fuckin' mercy
There's only blood
Dripping from your wounds
Falling to dust
We are the sinners
Forsaken whores
We want to kill you
We want to do more!

Hey, hey! Did you know?
Killing Monsters
That's all our job!

Malice starts
This ritual
And it will be
Your funeral

Our savage tribes
Looking for meat
We'll drive you crazy
To insanity
Track Name: Infinity

Inner fire, faithfull fire
Mocking choir, hatefull choir
So many thoughts, so many different faces
They are fucking sure that the death is not the end
Closeing eyes, holding fists, saying prays, they're foment
Inner fire, faithfull fire

So many thoughts, so many different faces
Now in their hearts there is only one belief
They will fade, they will wait, they will pray, they will hate
Mocking choir, hatefull choir

"Infinity's calling
We stumble and doubt
Fear keeps on growing
In faithless hearts"

So many thoughts, so many different statements
It is so hard to deal with all this tension
Their thoughts, their minds, their strenght fadeing
Inner fire, faithfull fire

So many thoughts, so many different statements
Will go trough their brains with last breath
But finally the fear will turn their voices to
Mocking choir, hatefull choir

Don't ever think this way
No matter what they say
Our fears create those lies
But one day they will die
Track Name: Venom
Your faith is strong
'Cause they’ve been lying to you
For far too long:

"Believe, obey!
Get down on your kness, don't ask,
Don't think, just pray.

Doubts are satan's work,
Devil's whisper.
Your God, your church, the bible
Is what you should
Seek for, cry for, fight for, die for.
This is the way
To pay for your sins!"

This is holy water
This is holy venom

Don't resist
Just fight it
Track Name: Mask of the Slave
Night by night, day by day
Breath after breath
You have to work and work
Do so meaningless jobs

Go to school, get married
Raise your own children
Satisfy your familly
Try to fit in society

It seems like you know
What you want to do
Every man's face
Is like a promise to you

You will be happy now
You will always smile
You'll be wearing your
Mask of the salve

What if your life
Is just a simple illusion?
What if at the end
There's only fear and confusion?
Track Name: Replica
Track Name: Witchcraft

Oh forsaken Father Goat!
Mother Earth! Brothers and sisters!
Get around where shadows dwells
Come to us unholy legions

Father Goat, our darkest lord
Let thy wind blow in God's face
Let you thunder tear his sky
Let your hammer crush his walls

Let your hammer crush his balls
Let you thunder tear his sky
Let thy wind blow
Father Goat, our darkest lord

World will end, God's light shall die
Darkness and the end of time


Mother Earth, Mother Earth
Squeeze this world in cosmic dirt
And set fire high and vast
That will dwallow all temples

Mother Earth, Father Goat
And us, brothers and sisters!
Let our voice once be heard
From thousand, million throats!


World will end, God's light shall die
Darkness and the end of time
Track Name: We Invented Farsh Electro
(in polish)

Dave Sychy (RSM):
Ile razy już słyszałem, że jestem cienki
Ta muzyka to jakieś pojebane dźwięki
Ty ciągle jesteś w tym jebanym mainstreamie
A ta muzyka przecież od kilku lat gnije
Wiesz, to mnie wkurwia, ze zamiast muzy
Na stronach artystów pojawiają się bluzy
Wkurwia mnie, że to się zmienia naprawdę
Zamiast nowych pomysłów, każdy trzyma starą bandę

Kiedy wreszcie zmieni się oblicze tej sceny
Wszyscy zachowują się jak jebane hieny
Jeśli robisz coś kolego nowatorskiego
Na pewno spotkasz się z opinią popierdolonego
Ja też nie raz, takie teksty słyszałem
Robię electro dark z polskim wokalem
A ziomek z irokezem na
Na pierwszym miejscu Dawn of Ashes z milionem zer

Odo (H.EXE):
Wielu tutaj robi dobrą robotę
Ale zawsze znajdą się zakompleksieni idioci
Wraki ludzi bardziej "tru" od reszty
Próbują wmówić mi, że jestem od nich gorszy
Dekadenckie mikrokółka wzajemnej masturbacji
Dadzą ci bardzo szybko odczuć ostracyzm
Dlaczego kilka tych życiowych śmieci
Stara się zniszczyć ciężką pracę całej sceny?

Nie muszę cię całować w dupę, nie obchodzisz mnie,
Nie robisz w życiu nic, a szczekasz jak wściekły pies.
Krytykujesz, a nie masz prawa mnie oceniać
Wali mnie to, co masz do powiedzenia
Chcesz tak dużo znaczyć, bo jesteś nikim
Chcesz decydować i wystawiać opnie
Żeby inni się liczyli z tobą, bali się
A ja ci mówię prosto, fiucie - pierdol się!
Track Name: Breath of the Dying (Outro)